Against the backdrop of global financial turmoil, IIFL Private Wealth started operations in April 2008.From Day 1, we built an advisory practice as opposed to a commission-based practice. By aligning our interests with clients, and including employee ownership as a key founding principle, we were able to establish long­ term relationships with our clients.
During 2008 and 2009 the global markets were characterized by turmoil, mistrust and scams. Since then, the financial world has undergone a sea-change. The great financial crisis led to global introspection and regulatory supervision over all investment activities. Our founding philosophy of Advisory practice, Alignment of Interests and Ownership Mindset has ensured that we grew even in tough times and earned the trust of clients as we went along.

Though numbers aren’t the only measure of success, we are honoured to be advising 10,000 families on more than Rs. 1,40,000 Crores [approx. USD 21 bn] of assets under advise, distribution and custody. Today, we arc on our way towards becoming India’s largest Private Wealth Management firm by assets under advice. IIFL Private Wealth is not just about investments, though. We address our clients’ most crucial wealth management issues, advise them on corporate structure and investment entities, define their investment objectives, customize their portfolios and guide them through succession planning exercises.

We have encouraged clients to build stable portfolios, not chase fads. We have remained on the same side of the table as our clients by providing innovative products, efficient execution, regular review, advanced analytics and transparency in fees and commissions. Employee Ownership has strengthened the firm and allowed us to retain existing talent and attract new talent. Over the last 6 years, many senior professionals from across the industry have joined us, strengthening our key management experience. At the same time, we have enhanced our talent pool by hiring young managers from the IIMs and other premier institutes.

Our vision for the future is strong and resolute. We believe the India story is yet untold and we are at the cusp of a historic growth trajectory. India is reiterating its position on the global stage, which bodes well for clients and their portfolios. At IIFL, we have geared ourselves to partner with you in the next decade of growth; we are sure it will be a great journey together.

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